New Project: Animated Worgen and Troll Druid Avatars

Published on 16th December, 2010 at 12:21 pm by Chris
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Troll Red CatEven more avatars have been added to the druid avatars page. This time it’s all the variations for the Worgen and Troll, bear and cat. As a side note the avatars have been moved to Photobucket to save on bandwidth, you won’t need to change any addresses as the old ones still work and just forward to Photobucket automatically.

Gearscore, [Epic], achievements

Published on 21st October, 2009 at 6:37 am by Chris
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On my main characters in wow I don’t have trade channel showing but on my banking alt I do and I have started noticing a lot of people asking for more to their raid pugs to link achievements, mainly [Epic] and the achievement to kill the final bosses for the raid they wish to run. I haven’t noticed many people ask for specific Gearscore yet, but that could just be my auctioneer spam. I was also reading a post on the US forums about this same issue aswell and I just wanted to talk a little about my views on the subject.

To start with I’ll just let everyone know that on my main I do have the [Epic] achievement, but from my PvP gear since I still have about 3 or 4 iLevel 200 items and 1 is even a blue. I have cleared all the tier 7 raid content and have done most of Ulduar (the guild I’m in has cleared all but Yogg-Saron although I wasn’t there for General Vezax). Since the summer holiday ended the guild I am in has lost alot of people to work and school so raids have come to a halt, although a few of us are doing Naxx with another guild and looking to get back into Ulduar we still seem to have a few issues with lacking healers and sometimes tanks. So with all this I’ve started thinking about pugging some raids but I don’t want it to get in the way of possible cross guild raids of Naxx or Ulduar so maybe ToC 10 normal (I should of noted earlier that I’ve only done 10 player normals), and this is where the achievements and gear score stuff comes into play.

Am I geared for ToC 10? No idea, I would like to think so, I did 4k dps in Nexus heroic (although that was the big rock guy who never moves and dies in about 40 seconds or something silly), that seems ok to me, the rogue in my guild said he had started having to work to keep his dps above mine and he did Ony the other day. So lets take a look at trade channel and see who is trying to pug it, “LFM for ToC 10 /w epic and achi”, crap… Well I have epic but not done ToC yet, so apparently that’s not gonna really help. I’ve seen that same trade message a lot lately and it seems a little silly to me, fair enough you want people who can handle themselves when you pug a group, but is it really necessary to have the achievement for ToC as well, maybe what Devilspartne from Hydraxis-us said would make more sense.

People who use gearscore for heroics and naxx are insane, but I think when u start getting up there in raids if used properly it can be a good addon. For example if i were to make an ulduar 25 pug i would req that you at least can link me a KT kill and for ToC that you at least dont have greens for the 3rd epic tier of gear.

I think that makes a lot more sense really, don’t you? What he said about Naxx and heroics is also true, they were being pugged and cleared for a long time before people started asking for achievements and gearscore. The really funny thing though is when you get something like “LFM Naxx 10 /w epic and achi”, just reading that and it seems basically the same as the ToC one, right? Well your right and your wrong, it is the same but, and this is a big but, you can’t get the epic achievement from Naxx 10, only 25 or higher raids. When I first read that I was worried I would piss myself from laughter, seriously.

As you might of guessed I am not a fan of this achievement crap needed to get into raids, your pugging the raid, get over yourselves. If I expected everyone in my raid to have completed the raid then I’d join a guild that has already completed it. Something else I have noticed, about 75% of the time the people who ask for the achievements don’t link their own ones, do they even have them? Maybe I’m just being paranoid and untrusting (is that even a word?), but I really don’t believe all of those people have those achievements, they just wanna be carried. Now you maybe thinking “Well you don’t have the achievement so don’t you wanna be carried aswell?”, nope. I’m perfectly happy to go into a raid with others like myself, new to the instance and ready to wipe a few times, why else would I go into Onyxia’s Lair with 9 people, most of which are Naxx and Badge geared and have a small wipe fest, was a good laugh though, and we didn’t do to badly, could of used a third healer though, maybe next time.

To wrap things up (normally I don’t write this much for anything, but the realms are down so what more do you expect then loads of words?) I don’t like it when people ask for achievements that aren’t even close to necessary to do an particular instance, shoulda just said that in the first place.

Hot link protection is enabled for all the avatars

Published on 24th September, 2009 at 7:51 pm by Chris
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In case you don’t you don’t know what that means, you can only view the images if you are on this site or type the address into the address bar, otherwise you wont be able to access them. This wont effect your ability to download the images for use on another site, but it will stop me from going over my bandwidth limit.

Very close to the bandwidth limit

Published on 2nd September, 2009 at 5:38 am by Chris
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When I posted up the new druid avatars, and the old ones, I asked if anyone who wanted to use them, could they please store them somewhere else other then hot-linking them from here, thanks to anyone who did, but I ended up receiving 16 bandwidth warning emails. The last at about 20 to 8 on the 31st which said I had less then 200 megabytes left, that was very close to no website and no druid avatars for anyone. If that happens again I will disable hot-linking and use a (very small) image saying that my bandwidth can’t take it, then I’ll just find somewhere else to put them. I might find somewhere else anyway.

On a side note, World of Warcraft servers are down at the moment so I’m going to do some work on a guild content management system I keep thinking about.

New Project: Last of the Animated Druid Avatars

Published on 21st August, 2009 at 12:45 pm by Chris
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Tree of LifeHere is the last of the druid avatars including Tree, Moonkin and Flight forms. I have no current plan to do travel and seal forms, although if they get models and skins then I might just be persuaded to get them done as well, possibly.

If anyone can figure out how to make them smaller I would be very grateful for that bit of information. Either way I hope you enjoy the avatars and I would be most pleased if those who use them could store them on there own site or anywhere that isn’t here, I really don’t wont to go over my monthly bandwidth limit, Thanks.

New Project: Animated Tauren Bear Druid Avatars

Published on 19th August, 2009 at 2:50 pm by Chris
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Tauren White BearOk, the Tauren Bear avatars are done now, that means that I’ve done all of the new skins so all that is left is the old, ugly ones. I’m not sure if I’ll do seal and travel form, I’ll definitely do Tree and Moonkin and most likely I’ll do flight form (I think it’s the best looking of the older forms). As new skins and forms are added into the game I’ll try and get them uploaded as quickly as possible. For now though, I’m gonna relax and maybe watch a film or something.

New Project: Animated Night Elf Bear Druid Avatars

Published on 19th August, 2009 at 10:14 am by Chris
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Night Elf Black BearAs promised here is the new bear avatars, with the 5 different skins. Next I’ll get the Tauren Bear ones done. At the moment the page is running a little slow at times, to many nodding druids, so I’m going to modify and give it tabs or something so you only have one group showing at a time. Hopefully this will make it look better.

Either way once I’ve got the Tauren Bears done I’ll get onto the other skins (the ugly ones), then I’ll think of something else to do.

New Project: Animated Tauren Cat Druid Avatars

Published on 18th August, 2009 at 2:51 pm by Chris
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Tauren Black CatTo go along with the new Night Elf cat avatars I’ve just completed some Tauren cat ones aswell, there is all 5 skins too. I hope you all enjoy them.

Next up will be the Night Elf bears, don’t think I’ll do them today though, its rather long and arduous and I’ll go nuts if I’m not careful.

New Project: Animated Night Elf Cat Druid Avatars

Published on 18th August, 2009 at 11:27 am by Chris
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Night Elf White Cat

I’ve got some new Druid avatars up and ready for use. These ones are the new models and skins for our Night Elf Cat friends, all 5 skins in 6 different sizes.
I’m going to have to beg that anyone who wants to use them not hot-link them from here, I’ve got a very limited bandwidth so if anyone can upload them to their own sites or anything when they want to use them it’d be great. If someone does run me out of bandwidth then I’m going to get a big cat (like the one to the right), maybe dye it’s fur white, and hunt them down. Just kidding, mostly.

The next lot I’m going to work on are the Tauren Cats since I was mean last time and didn’t make any for our horny cousins. Then I think it’s bear time, then I’ll do the others. Shouldn’t take to long, only 20 left or something like that.

New blogging script and back to WOW, fun times

Published on 17th August, 2009 at 10:05 am by Chris
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After some quite contemplation last night I decided I really don’t like my CMS, mainly because I can’t be bothered to fix all the bugs. I doubt anyone noticed but there was only 1 page of posts, which is true, there was more but it just didn’t want to share the rest. But all good things must come to an end, and all bad things should be pounded into the ground with some large, heavy and preferably pointy. So here is my large pointy WordPress blog mashing my annoying CMS into the ground. Of course this means I no longer have all my posts up, but I think I can solve that without to much difficulty (read: copy and paste).

On anther note, I’ve decided I’m going to start playing World of Warcraft again, the reason being, I’ve watched every DVD in the house so its time for a change to my relaxation from boring to less boring.

Any-who I hope you like the new site, although it looks like the old one, but at least it isn’t so annoying.